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Why Spring Is The Best Time To Paint Your House

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When it comes to painting the exterior of your home, the weather is crucial. Paint, due to its chemical composition, requires precise conditions to dry effectively. You should ideally aim for warm, dry days. If it is raining or very humid outside, your paint may not dry correctly or may take much longer to dry. Spring weather is often mild in most climes, giving it a great season to paint the exterior of your home. It’s not too hot or too chilly, and there are more chances of sunny and dry days at this time of year.


Something about the season makes us want to shake things up a little. Typically, this takes the shape of an interior spring cleaning. However, the outside of your home needs some attention as well! Continue the momentum by taking a look at the outside of your house. If there is a lot of filth, it may be time to clean it with soft washing or pressure washing.

Take note of any chipping, peeling, or other damage that may occur over time before you begin. If you observe any of these warning signs, it’s time to repaint your home. If that’s the case, you might consider hiring expert painters to complete the task for you. When you leave it to professional painters (such as the team at CCT Apex House Painting), they can do the job considerably faster and will even handle the prep work. It saves a lot of time!


Depending on where you reside, your house may have just spent the winter months enduring some very severe winter weather. Even if you live in a temperate region, your home is likely to be displaying signs of wear and tear from the shifting weather. Dirt, moss, residue from salt and sand, wind, rain, and snow may all wear down the surface of your home. Temperature swings might also play an impact.

At the start of spring, it’s always a good idea to take a closer look at the outside of your property and search for any signs of damage. Even if it isn’t quite time for a full exterior paint job, there is almost certainly some touch-up work that needs to be done to keep your property in good condition.


As the weather warms and the days lengthen, you’ll find yourself spending more time outside. Naturally, you want your outside space to feel as warm and inviting as the interior. Spring is an excellent time to tidy up your yard and prepare it for entertaining.

If your deck is looking drab, now is the time to consider getting it painted or stained to brighten things up. You could also consider repainting your fence, latticework, and any other features in your yard that need to be updated.


If you know you want to paint your house soon, spring is the time to get started! Many individuals put off exterior painting until the summer, which makes it difficult to find expert painters during that time of year. Get ahead of the game by painting in the spring months to ensure your home is ready for summer and to avoid the last-minute painting rush!

CCT Apex House Painting is ready to help you change your home with a new paint job this spring! We’ll work with you every step of the way, from selecting a color to handling the prep work and ensuring you’re satisfied with the ultimate product. Ready to get started? Book your free, no-obligation consultation today and give your home a fresh look for spring!


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