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Apex, North Carolina

Professional PRESSURE

Improve the appeal of your home

Pressure washing lets your home look its best. No matter what surface your home has, power washing is a safe and effective method of cleaning. It is customized to all types of surfaces. Pressure washing is important as it removes dust, grime, and dirt so that your property looks fresh and clean—it also helps protect from damage due to build-up. It really isn’t hard to ensure that your home always looks its best. All it takes is a little maintenance. From one-time deep cleaning to monthly, weekly, or even daily pressure washing, we are happy to provide the custom cleaning solutions you need. We can handle the work for you—it’s easy to schedule an appointment.

Aside from pressure washing, we offer interior and exterior painting services to residential and commercial clients. We handle large and small painting projects. With our exterior painting services, we can refurbish the outside of your house to a “like new” state. We also have the skill and experience to paint every room in your house or office. We will work with you to choose and select the right color and paint type to meet your needs.

We are family-owned and fully-licensed and we offer both pressure washing and interior and exterior painting services.

The painter local homeowners and business people deserve is one that is professional, experienced, and reliable. We all have these qualities. Contact us today and you’ll realize that we are the painter you have been looking for all along. We encourage you to stop by and chat with us and see how new paint and finishes can transform your property.


While painting seems like an easy task, there really is an art and skill to it. Achieving straight lines, complete coverage, and having the proficiency to choose the right paint and materials is what sets professionals apart from the rest.

When you hire us, you can trust that we use the best painting contractors in the market and focus on providing you with an amazing finished product.




Whether you need to freshen the look of your offices, update your commercial plaza, or repaint the inside of a warehouse, we can handle jobs of all sizes.


Whether inside your home or your business, we have a team of professional that can take on any interior painting project you have in mind.


Let us transform the interior and exterior of your home with our unrivalled residential painting services.

Exterior Painting

If you’ve been thinking about updating the look of your home or business, adding a fresh coat of paint to the exterior can be an excellent choice.

Textured Wall

We’ll provide you with sample boards of various textures for you to select from, so you’ll be sure you’re picking the best texture for your project.

Venetian Plaster

Whether you're planning to finish the interior or exterior, there are brilliant methods in Venetian plaster that will look beautiful with the right color options.

Power Washing

If you notice that your that your paint looks dull and dark or your gutters are showing a black streak, power washing will remove those problems.