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Apex, North Carolina

Professional Commercial Painting Services in North Carolina

Improve the appeal of your home

Is it time to brighten up your business? Look no further than our trustworthy, reliable, and efficient commercial painting service.

The look of your business’s building can determine the success of your company. If the building’s exterior is in worn-down disrepair, your customers are less likely to choose your business’s products or services. Whereas, a well-maintained building can draw people in, setting you apart from nearby businesses. Whether you like it or not, the appearance of your company’s workplace can make or break your business.

Whatever the size of your commercial painting job, we will complete your project on-time, and on-budget, with just a MINIMAL disruption on your workday. Our goal is to provide a competent and professional commercial painting service.  We always develop processes and test new products to keep up to date with the newest commercial painting technologies to serve you better. In addition, we have a strong relationship with paint stores and purchase materials in high volume from the industry’s top quality paint providers.


To make sure your exterior paint job can withstand the elements, we thoroughly prepare all surfaces. This can include power washing, caulking cracks, scraping chipped paint, and patching holes. While preparing the exterior, we also make sure to cover and protect the area where we work to comply with regulations and our company standards. 

Just like interiors, we will work around your schedule to make sure that day to day operations are not affected by our painting work. Our team will also keep our area consolidated to limit the impact to your view. Lastly, we only use top rated exterior products to ensure the job lasts. 


For interior painting projects in business environments, we make sure that our work does not interfere with yours. We are flexible to your business needs and can work in off-hours to ensure the job is done with as little impact on your day-to-day operations as possible. 

Additionally, we ensure that your facility, equipment, and inventory are all protected while we perform our work. This ensures that during and after we are done painting, you and your employee’s desks, belongings, et. will remain clean and in the same condition they were when entered.


While painting seems like an easy task, there really is an art and skill to it. Achieving straight lines, complete coverage, and having the proficiency to choose the right paint and materials is what sets professionals apart from the rest.

When you hire us, you can trust that we use the best painting contractors in the market and focus on providing you with an amazing finished product.




Whether you need to freshen the look of your offices, update your commercial plaza, or repaint the inside of a warehouse, we can handle jobs of all sizes.


Whether inside your home or your business, we have a team of professional that can take on any interior painting project you have in mind.


Let us transform the interior and exterior of your home with our unrivalled residential painting services.

Exterior Painting

If you’ve been thinking about updating the look of your home or business, adding a fresh coat of paint to the exterior can be an excellent choice.

Textured Wall

We’ll provide you with sample boards of various textures for you to select from, so you’ll be sure you’re picking the best texture for your project.

Venetian Plaster

Whether you're planning to finish the interior or exterior, there are brilliant methods in Venetian plaster that will look beautiful with the right color options.

Power Washing

If you notice that your that your paint looks dull and dark or your gutters are showing a black streak, power washing will remove those problems.