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Converting Your Attic To A Loft Or Bedroom

Converting Your Attic To A Loft Or Bedroom

Are you ready to clean out your attic and turn it into a place you can live? Changing your attic from a place to store things to a bedroom or loft is a great way to add space to your home without having to build an addition. If you take the time to really look at the space you’re working with, you’ll end up with a room that looks and feels like it belongs in your home.


To make sure the space can be turned into a bedroom, you’ll need to check the height, the pipes and wires that run through it, and the floorboards to make sure they can hold enough weight. We recommend that you have an engineer come take a look at the space to make sure that changing it won’t hurt the building. They can tell you how to go about your renovation based on the building codes in your area and set you up for success.


As much of the structure as possible should be visible in an industrial-style loft (hello, exposed beams!). If your space has brick, leave it out in the open and add black accents to bring out the brick’s natural colors. Consider painting your brick in a neutral color like crisp white or a soft shade of gray for a more modern look. To keep the industrial look going, add natural wood and metal shelves and tables.


Want something that looks like a barn? Wood, wood, and more wood will help you get this look. Keep the beams out in the open, and if you can, add other natural wood elements. Try the whitewashed look if you want something a little more uniform but still rustic. This lets you have a clean, all-white look with a slightly roughed-up finish that still lets the natural wood show through. Add accessories that look like they were made by hand or in a country style, and you’ll have the perfect barn-inspired look that is still elegant and refined.


The sloped ceilings of a bungalow loft make it an interesting design challenge. They do make things harder to work with, but you just have to think outside the box. Before you start making changes, you should think about where you’ll put all your furniture. This will let you get creative with built-in features to make the most of the space.


Pay attention to how the light hits the room when choosing colors. The sloped ceilings can make the room look smaller, so you’ll want to choose a color that reflects light in the right way to make the space feel taller. That probably means pastel colors that are warmer, like blush pink or creamy beige, or pastel colors that are cooler, like lavender or sky blue.


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