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Top 5 Trends in Interior Painting for Commercial Spaces

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It’s crucial to keep up with the most recent trends while painting business areas. Any commercial area may be transformed with a new coat of paint, making it feel pleasant to both clients and staff. Here are the top 5 commercial interior painting trends that you need to be aware of.

1. Colors that are calm and neutral

The use of tranquil, neutral colors is one of the major trends in interior painting for business spaces. Popular selections for office environments include soft beige, grey, and white tones because they foster a relaxing environment that helps workers concentrate on their task. Additionally adaptable, neutral colors go well with accent colors to add a splash of color.

2. Walls with Bold Accents

Even though muted colors are common for office spaces, many businesses are now adding striking accent walls to their designs. A focal point can be made in the room by painting an accent wall in a striking color or pattern. As a bold accent wall may have a significant visual impact, reception areas, lobbies, and conference rooms are where this style is most prevalent.

3. Metallic details and texture

Another well-liked trend in business interior painting is texture. A place can stand out from the crowd by incorporating texture into the walls to create a distinctive look and feel. Metallic embellishments are also well-liked, with copper, gold, and silver being particularly fashionable right now. Any commercial space may be given a little glitz with the addition of a metallic accent wall, resulting in an opulent and refined ambiance.

4. Eco-friendly and sustainable paints

Many businesses are choosing sustainable and eco-friendly paints as the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility grows. These paints are a popular option for companies wishing to support green businesses because they are manufactured from natural ingredients and don’t contain synthetic chemicals. Sustainable paints not only benefit the environment, but they also offer a safer and better working environment for staff and customers.

5. Murals and Geometric Patterns

Additionally growing in popularity are geometric designs and murals for commercial interior painting. These patterns may give a room a little individuality and inventiveness, making it more enticing and motivating. Geometric patterns can be used to add a dynamic and striking effect to accent walls or even the ceiling. On the other side, murals can be utilized to promote the business’s brand, history, or ideals, producing a distinctive and unforgettable environment.

Any North Carolina painting contractor or North Carolina painting business must keep up with the latest developments in interior painting for commercial buildings. With the most recent interior painting trends, APEX House Painters can help you alter your commercial space. We specialize in commercial painting services.

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