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How to Keep Your Business Open While Painting or Remodeling

How to Keep Your Business Open While Painting or Remodeling

Putting a new coat of paint on your business will not only keep it looking nice, but it will also show your customers that you care about the little things. Customers and clients will trust and feel good about your business if it is well-kept and uses the latest colors and styles.

But painting or remodeling can make it hard to run your business as usual, so it’s easy to put it off or even think about shutting down while you paint. Don’t lose hope, and don’t wait! With some careful planning, you can keep your business going and still meet your customers’ needs while you’re painting.

Set up Zones

Depending on how big your business is, you can divide the space into zones so that only one area is being painted or fixed up at a time. This makes it easier to move desks for a day, change foot traffic for a few days, or use a different entrance for a short time. Without zones, there will be chaos everywhere.

Talk about when you can work

If your business isn’t open 24 hours a day or has slow times that you can plan for, ask your painter if they can work during those times. If you run an office with many employees, can your contractor work on the weekend when everyone else is at home? If you run an apartment complex or homeowners’ association, can your painter start work after the morning rush hour and finish before the evening rush hour?

Notify, Notify, Notify

Use different ways to get the word out to those who will be affected by the change. Send an email to your staff, talk about it at your weekly staff meeting, and put up signs around the office to remind people when the painting will start.

Put up signs to let customers know where you are painting and what you are doing to keep things as quiet as possible. This shows that you care about your customers and tell them what to expect, which should make them less likely to complain. Tell your customers about the temporary problem through social media or email newsletters.

Put up barriers to keep things in

Use the right barriers to make sure the air quality is good enough for the people who will be there. Talk to the builder about what you should use.

Set up an empty area

If you have the room, make a space between your business and the building site that won’t be used. This cuts down on noise, protects the air quality, and makes your customers and employees less annoyed.

Deal with complaints

You will get complaints, so have a plan for how to deal with them. When you respond quickly and nicely to a customer, you show them that you value what they have to say, which is likely to make them come back for more business in the future. Choose one person who can handle this well to be the point of contact.


Talk about your project when it’s done. You can talk about it on social media, on your website, and in your email newsletters. This shows your customers that you are doing well and that you care about keeping things in good shape and paying attention to details. And some old customers might even come back to see what’s new.


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