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Wall Cleaning: How to Clean and Maintain Painted Walls

Wall Cleaning: How to Clean and Maintain Painted Walls

How recently did you check “wall cleaning” off your list of priorities? Walls require routine cleaning just like every other surface in the home, particularly in high-traffic areas where scuffs, stains, and other smudges can make them appear worn.

Many of PPG’s interior wall paints are designed with washability in mind. Here are some suggestions for maintaining the greatest possible wall appearance.

  • Never wash your walls with a paper towel, rag, or other paper or fabric product.
  • To clean your interior walls, always use a sponge, preferably one made of heavy-duty, all-purpose polyester.
  • On your sponge, only use light dishwashing soap and water. Commercial cleaners will harm the finish and degrade the paint coating.

And never wash your walls before a fresh coat of paint has had at least 21 days to cure.

When Should I Clean the Walls?

We advise dusting walls every three months and washing them twice a year when arranging wall cleaning. Although you can decide to do them more frequently if you have a dust allergy.

Does Paint Sheen Affect Wall Cleaning?

Depending on the shine of your paint, cleaning techniques for walls do differ slightly.

Paints having a lower sheen, such as eggshell, satin, and flat, are less durable. These paints are typically found on the walls of bedrooms, living rooms, and dens. Never clean this sort of paint with degreasers or other strong solvents. As you clean, avoid scrubbing too vigorously and wring your sponge out almost completely.

Paint that is glossy or semi-gloss tends to be more resilient than paint that is flat. They are typically found on the trim or in bathrooms and kitchens. On these walls, you can exert a bit more force, but you still need to handle them delicately to prevent harm to the finish.

What Kind of Paint Is It?

What kind of paint matters while washing walls? Not really, is the response. Whether your walls are painted with latex or oil, you may still use soapy water and a sponge.

Although oil paint is fairly resilient, you might mix a little white vinegar with your soapy water to aid in stain removal.

What Stores Sell Washable Paints?

Some paints have been designed to be easier to clean. An excellent level of stain and unattractive mark resistance, for instance, is provided by PPG Ultralast. This product is simple to clean and keeps your walls looking good. Need to know more? For your project, find the appropriate interior paint.

Change the Color of the Paint to Transform Your Home

The simplest approach to changing your home is to paint it a fresh color. CCT Apex North Carolina’s interior house painting services are prepared to meet all of your painting requirements, whether you need your entire house painted or just want to update a room with the PPG paint color of the year. Request a free estimate now.


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