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Treasure Quest Mining

Treasure Quest MiningIt was born out of their desire to spend quality time with their kids and go on a real treasure hunt together. When they’re not working, you can usually find them metal detecting, looking for fossils along the shore, or mining for gemstones in the highlands. Browse around this site.

They treasure the memories of family holidays spent gem-hunting in the North Carolina mountains or exploring the seashore for shells and sharks’ teeth. They were so taken with the experience that they decided to bring it closer to home for youngsters and their families to enjoy. Treasure Quest Mining, a mobile gem mining experience, launched in 2016. They extended their company to include a prehistoric gift store not long after they began gem mining. They also found a physical office in Apex, North Carolina, in June of 2018.

In the purest sense, they are a family-run, mom-and-pop operation. They’re all in this together, going across the nation to find their rocks and fossils, hand-preparing the rough mining mixes, or putting up their gift store display. And it’s fantastic! They made this a family event, and their two dogs, Sophie and Ruby (yes, she was named after the valuable jewel), joined them on the trip.

They are geologists, gemologists, and paleontologists, not geologists, gemologists, or paleontologists. Instead, they’re just a pretty fascinating child whose hobbies have kindled a lifelong interest. They are always delighted and awestruck by the gorgeous gems, minerals, seashells, and fossils that they come upon. And they relish the opportunity to share these riches with others.

With the hurry and bustle of today’s technology-driven world, they discover that it’s too easy to forget to hit “stop” and appreciate the basic pleasures of life. It’s a lovely experience to see a youngster enjoying the simple pleasures of a treasure hunt or finding a new passion. This is only one example among many. Reasons they’re in this industry.


THEIR FAMILY, ADVENTURES-Treasure Quest A love for mining was born out of a passion for mining that a little kid found. His excitement for rocks, dinosaurs, and fossils piqued their interest. They quickly discovered that they were spending their family holidays gem mining in the North Carolina mountains, beachcombing down the coast for sharks’ teeth, or visiting ancient locations in quest of fossils.

They thought they’d show you around a couple of their favorite spots. They hope you go out there and go on your treasure hunt.

You’ll like it! Good luck with your treasure hunt! You can visit their website or call them at (919) 372-3301. More info.