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3 Ways to Bring Color Into Your Home

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Color can make you feel happy or sad, and how you use color in your home can change how cozy it feels. Use these tips to find the colors that you like and make your home cozier and happier and get your house painter to get the job done right.

The 2019 colors are calm ones like lilac, rose, peach, leafy green, and daisy yellow. Are you drawn to any of these colors? Here are some easy ways to play with these and other colors you like:

Tip #1: Choose accents that sound good.

Change your throw pillows and stack some books on indoor gardening. A sheepskin, a pastel throw, or an area rug with light patterns can give a room a new, calm look.

Relaxation is often linked to nature. Bring some of it back inside! We love to buy a small flower in a pot from the local greenhouse and bring it home with us. Avoiding pollen? Color can do amazing things with a set of empty vases.

Tip No. 2: Which colors make you happy?

Find your favorite “happy colors” and use tip #1 to splash them around. The ideas in this list come from Southern Living Magazine:

The colors blue and green make people feel calm. Lighter blues and pastel greens are popular right now. They look great in offices, libraries, and bedrooms.

Orange. This warm, energizing color works well in entryways, as an accent wall, in a child’s room, or in the kitchen. Why not try a shade that is closer to peach but not quite?

People often think of yellow as a sunny color that makes them feel good, which makes sense. This bright color is also great for a child’s room or a kitchen.

White makes small rooms look more open. It looks clean, and white kitchens are popular right now. If you find white too stark, try a light gray or cream color instead.

Tip #3: Fashions come and go, so do your own thing.

Have fun playing with color! Ask a friend whose house you like to come over and “play”! If you need help with design, we recommend Linda Principe Interiors, Linda Madani Interiors, and Ellen Maranca, of EZM Interiors. We have worked with all of them over the years and have been happy with their work.

And finally, now is the time to get on our schedule if you want to change the colors in some rooms or do a full interior. We paint all year long, even during the holidays. We’d love to come over and talk with you about colors.


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