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3 Important Questions to Ask When Choosing a Paint Contractor

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We were hired by two separate homeowners in the previous several months to re-do a project that had been bungled by another painting contractor in Apex, NC.

We receive similar requests from time to time, and it serves as a reminder to share what we know about hiring the correct contractor for the work. We suggest getting three quotations and then calling the references the contractor provides.

BUT DON’T LEAVE IT AT THAT. It’s critical to ask these three questions throughout the process:

1) How will you interact with the contractor?

Is there an email address for the contractor to respond to your fast questions? Do they answer the phone, and if so, at what hours? How long does it usually take them to respond to customers?

Not all contractors will answer your call within a reasonable amount of time. If you find it difficult to contact a contractor throughout the bidding process, this may be a clue of how things will proceed after you sign the contract.

However, we’ve had really busy summers in which it’s been difficult to respond to folks as quickly as we’d like. When obtaining a quote, it’s a good idea to talk to the contractor about what to anticipate.

2) How considerate of your property will the contractor be?

Inquire about how your furniture will be relocated and safeguarded while the job is being done. Will your plants near your home be safeguarded if it’s outside work? This is particularly important when removing lead or power washing.

It’s also crucial to inquire about the project’s preparation time. We take pleasure in our meticulous preparation, which produces smooth walls, clean lines, and stunning results. Inquire about the contractor’s level of attention to detail.

3) Will the contractor stick to the agreed-upon pricing and schedule?

A price guarantee may be requested. Inquire about a deadline. We’ve all heard horror tales about contractors whose timetables become erratic once a job begins. Avoid putting yourself in that scenario.

Finally, a word of caution! Never pay for the whole job in advance! Companies often collect a portion of the project fee–25 to 50 percent–up in advance. This is your safeguard against the contractor doing a poor job. Even if you pay in advance for a discount, you will have little recourse if the work is substandard or if the contractor abandons the project before it is completed. Greenleaf is dedicated to providing a positive experience for our clients.


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