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Need Ideas for Geometric Paint Designs

Need Ideas for Geometric Paint Designs

Need Ideas for Geometric Paint Designs? Try These Inspiring Tips and Tricks

Geometric paint patterns bring character to plain walls with their clearly defined shapes and intriguing color choices.

(Geometric Paint Design) Outside the Box

There are several ways you may recreate this look at home. You can create a mural on the wall using a variety of forms and colors, or you can stick with just one shape (such as a circle, parallelogram, arch, or triangle). Whatever you decide, it will undoubtedly have a dash of silliness and fun.

Use daring color combinations… or not

Painted geometric patterns are resistant to strong color schemes due to their strong forms. For instance, replacing the headboard with a bright yellow circle painted behind your bed will make your room look dramatic. The windows in your child’s room could also have a mural of red and pink triangles around them.

Because the lines in geometric paint designs are so prominent, neutral or pastel colors work just as well. Softer colors allow the shapes to become a subtle layer, enhancing the texture and taste of the room’s appearance.

Choose a style you love.

But pick a design you enjoy before you consider colors.


On your bedroom’s walls, create a chic Art Deco mural in shades of pink, silver, and black to make the room feel opulently romantic.

If Art Deco isn’t your thing, consider utilizing a rug or piece of furniture’s color as the foundation for a curved, geometric fresco instead. The wall should be painted in various tones of the color scheme, starting with the complementary color.

Blocks of color

While painted geometric patterns frequently feature shapes or curves, they can also be as straightforward as color blocks. For instance, pick three or four colors and paint rectangles of various sizes on an accent wall.

By painting a portion of the wall, you can get a look akin to color blocking. For instance, in a small bathroom, paint the walls a bright white, then cover the top third of the wall with a coat of deep teal.

Or, for a straightforward geometric paint pattern in a bedroom, paint the upper half of the wall a creamy white and the lower half a warm terra cotta. It will provide the impression of a hug in the room.

Arcs and Circles

Be proud of your curves! Over a sofa, paint a big blue arch. Create a sense of mystery by hiding a portion of the arch behind the couch.

Alternately, paint an earth-toned circle off-center over a long, rustic-wood dresser. Then, hang or place a piece of framed art in the middle of the circle on the dresser. With this straightforward makeover, even a simple room appears elegant.

Do you adore the concept of geometric paint patterns? Today, discuss geometric wall painting ideas for your house with one of our interior painting experts. (Click here for a no-obligation quote.) Allow them to handle the labor-intensive task, and you can just sit back and take pleasure in the result.


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