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The Color Column: When Choosing Interior Paint, Just Go With the Flow

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Choosing an interior paint color should be a fun and creative project. But working with customers has shown us that it can also be scary. Here are a few quick tips on how to choose colors for a room, whether it’s a bathroom or the whole house.

The main rooms are connected.

The most important thing for main rooms is to keep everything the same. Many homes have an open floor plan with rooms that flow into each other and hallways that are easy to see from the living room. If this is the case with your house, you’ll want to make sure the colors don’t clash.

Many designers and painters say that you should use the same colors on each floor of your home so that it feels like you are moving from one room to the next.

Jonathan Shenk, the owner of Greenleaf Painters, said that color continuity is one of the most important things to think about when painting a room. “We suggest using big color differences on an accent wall or between rooms that are separated by doors.”

Use Bright Colors, But Not Too Often

Bold, trendy colors like blues and greens that are brighter can be exciting at first, but your eyes may get tired of them over time. So, we suggest that you use them rarely, but in a fun way.

In contrast to the main rooms, bedrooms and other closed rooms are great places to try out new things. Using a bold color here is much more likely to pay off than anywhere else in the house.

“More people take risks with color in bathrooms or bedrooms than in big living rooms,” said Shenk, whose home office is slate blue. “People love bright colors in small rooms. It lets them show who they are without taking a chance on painting large areas with this color.”

Express Yourself

“Which colors do you like?” It’s one of the things we ask homeowners when we’re helping them decide. “In” right now are colors that are earthy and calm. If you want your house to have more flow, this might be the year to do it with color.

Useful Tools

Getting a color wheel and putting colors next to each other in a room can help you figure out if two colors go well together or if they have tones that clash.

You can also test your ideas by getting paint samples from a store and putting them next to each other on aboard.

Don’t forget that light and shadow can change the colors.

Online color visualizers can help you get a general idea of colors, but digital colors aren’t always true to life. If you start with a visualizer, use a color wheel or paint a swatch to check the color. If you have any questions, be sure to check with your local painter in Apex, NC to get their thoughts.


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