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11 Important Things You Need to Know When Painting Your House Exterior

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Painting the exterior of your home is a great way to increase your curb appeal and add value to your home. The exterior of your home is much more difficult to paint than the interior and may require help from professionals. Whether you are looking to paint the exterior of your home on your own or hire professionals, here are some things you must know.

#1) Lead Paint

One of the most important things to know about painting the exterior of your home is that lead paint is always a possibility. If your home was first built before the year 1978, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) will require that you check the house paint for lead. This can lead to increased costs and higher fees for older homes. If you are unsure about how to do this, you may want to hire the expertise and experience of professionals.

#2) Have the Right Tools

When looking to paint your house exterior, you must have all the necessary tools. In addition to the painting supplies you will need, you also need to make sure you have a ladder. This is essential to reach the top of the house, especially if you have a two-story home. Other supplies you will likely need to include paint scrapers, tape, water, paintbrushes, paint, paint pans, drop cloths, and more.

#3) Overestimate Paint

If you are going to paint your house exterior on your own, you will want to overestimate the amount of paint you are going to use. Professionals will likely be able to estimate very well due to their experience. Since you likely do not have a lot of experience painting, you will want to overestimate the amount of pain you need so that you do not run out.

#4) Know the Dimensions of Your Home

Before going to buy paint, you will want to know the overall dimensions of your home. You can do this by looking at blueprints, checking documents, or by measuring the home yourself. You should understand the length, width, and height of your house.

#5) Budget Properly

Painting the exterior of a home is a big job. You need to budget accordingly for supplies. If you do not have the time or patience, it may be best to hire a professional who can give you a single price for the entire job.

#6) Remove Chipped Paint First

If you choose to paint the house exterior on your own, you will always need to start by removing the chipped or cracking paint first. If you decide to paint over it, it will only look worse. Removing these chipped pieces will allow you to have a fresh start.

#7) Check for Damage

After removing chipped paint, you should inspect the entire house for damage. This includes looking at the foundation, windows, trim, rain gutters, and more.

#8) Seal Any Holes

If you notice any holes in the house, you will want to use a waterproof caulk to seal the holes. This will prevent water from getting into the home or seeping into the foundation. In addition, it can help prevent pests and insects from entering your home and causing more damage. This is the ideal time to seal holes before you apply the paint.

#9) Prime the House First

Every house is made of different materials, but no matter what material your home is made of, you should start by applying primer to the house. Primer is a great way to seal out what is currently in your home and give you a fresh starting point. After applying the primer you need to wait a few hours to apply the paint, depending on the weather.

#10) Use Two or More Coats of Paint

To achieve the color you want and to ensure added durability, you will need to apply at least two coats of paint. Try to ensure that the coats of paint you apply are even. If you notice any streaks or uneven spots, you may need to apply a third coat. Remember this when you are purchasing the paint and estimating how much you will need.

#11) Use Tape

Another important thing to remember is that you will need to use tape to protect the other parts of your home from getting painted. You will want to apply tape to the windows, rain gutters, doors, and other places. Using tape is a great way to ensure that paint only goes where you want. This will save you time from having to remove paint that gets in areas that are not ideal.

Before starting this job, you must know all eleven things. This can help save you time and money. In addition, these tips will help ensure that your house looks better than you could have ever imagined.


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