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How To Prioritize Rooms For Painting

How To Prioritize Rooms For Painting

Painting your home is a significant task. You must, among other things, move furniture, cover furniture, protect your flooring, and prepare the walls for painting. Working strategically while painting the whole house is a beautiful idea. Note that you will be without critical rooms and regions for a lengthy period and will be dealing with paint fumes and smells. You can keep your life as normal as possible by following these tips.

Why Are You Painting?

What is your ultimate objective? Are you redesigning your kitchen or bathroom? Putting it on the market? Just want to renovate and live in a beautiful home you adore? Understanding your goal before you begin painting may assist you in prioritizing the sequence in which you proceed.

For example, if you’re selling your house, paint the rooms that will create the most impressive first: Your entrance, living room, main bedroom, kitchen, and bathrooms. Consider how the paint jobs may affect your everyday life if you’re progressively redecorating your home. You may start with guest bathrooms and bedrooms since they are usually out of the way.


Painting your master bedroom and bathroom first is also an excellent place to start since you can return to your routine fast. When you complete the rooms, you’ll have a place to sleep and toilet facilities, so you won’t have to feel like you’re camping in your living room. And you’ll be motivated to complete the rest of the house because you’ll adore how you feel when you go to bed and wake up in your magnificent room.


If you’re painting the whole house at once, start with the kitchen because if the kitchen is out of action, the rest of your life is put on hold. You won’t be able to consume nutritious foods and rely on take-out. Starting with the kitchen may help you rapidly return to your usual routine. Like a new bedroom, a lovely new kitchen may entice you to roam about the house.

Living Room

Be prepared to spend a significant amount of time in the living room. It’s usually a large room, and you’ll have to relocate furniture to other parts of the house, such as the kitchen. As a consequence, painting this region may be inconvenient. It is best to handle it at the end of your house painting project.

Laundry Room

The laundry room is a fantastic area to keep till last. It is usually smaller and may be done quickly, but it is not a high-priority room, so leaving it till the end is OK. Leave your clothing outside the washing machine on the day of painting and for a few days to prevent absorbing paint smells.

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