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How to Hang Decorations Without Damaging Walls

How to Hang Decorations Without Damaging Walls

Whether you own or rent your home, there are many reasons why you might want to hang wall decorations without leaving holes or other damage. There are many ways to put up decorations without worrying about what will happen when you take them down.

Here are five ways to stick things to a wall without causing damage to the paint:

  • Instead of posters, use stickers: There’s probably a poster for your favorite band, movie, sports team, cartoon, or hobby.


Several companies that make posters now make decals that are the same size as posters and have a semi-permanent adhesive. This means that you don’t have to use tacks or nails to hang them. You don’t have to worry about damaging the wall when you take these stickers off.


One big problem is that they’re only meant to be used once, so once you take them off the wall, you can’t put them anywhere else.

  • Use Hooks or Velcro with Removable Adhesive: These are the go-to options for many people. The product is a simple hook or Velcro-like strip with a special adhesive strip. This glue works because it keeps your wall’s surface area. When you’re ready to take the product off, you can simply stretch out the adhesive strip, reduce the area it covers, and pull it off without damaging the paint or wall.


You can use these solutions almost anywhere, and some of them can hold several pounds of weight, so you can hang things like framed art or planters.

  • Use Magnetic Paint: This might sound crazy, but there are a few brands of paint that can make any surface magnetic. Then you can “pin” posters or photos to the wall with magnets or use magnetic hooks to hang larger pieces of art. If you rent and aren’t allowed to paint your walls, you can’t use this option.

  • Installing No-Damage Wall Shelves: Advances in adhesives have made it possible to buy full shelves that don’t need nails. Even though these shelves can’t hold as much as stud-mounted shelves, you can still put smaller items on them to make your home more interesting.

  • Use putty to hang pictures. This is probably the best way to hang pictures without nails, since you won’t have to do anything to the wall and you won’t even need frames or hooks. Putty has been used for a long time in classrooms, dorms, and apartments. It lets you put art on a wall wherever you want.


Accidents Might Happen. Let Us Handle Them

Even if you use the above ways to hang wall decorations, things can still go wrong, and your paint could get chipped or damaged. CCT Apex House Painting can help whether you need to paint one room, fix drywall, or paint several rooms to match new artwork. To get started, give us a call at (919) 646-5009 or ask for a quote online.


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