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DJ Berry Patch

It was a simple choice to launch DJ Berry Patch. Darin, the farmer, and Jessica, his wife, both came from a farming background and were already reaping the benefits of a large family garden.

Darin and Jessica found themselves yearning for the nostalgia of cherished family memories and returning to a more specific period one evening after another tough day in today’s fast-paced world. The farmer and his wife resolved to accept their origins and put their hands on the plow at that point.

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It seemed good to grow fresh berries and fruit to share with others. Their enthusiasm grew even more when they learned they were getting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Darin and Jessica would be able to replicate the happy days they recalled on their grandparents’ farms with their own four children if they started a family agricultural company in neighboring Apex.

These experiences, together with their ambitions and dreams, have resulted in the current agricultural venture. Darin and Jessica have realized that sharing their abilities with guests like you and providing the finest in-farm-fresh local delicacies makes them the happiest. In season, visit our farm for pre-picked or pick-your-own strawberries. ​

DJ’s Berry Patch has the freshest and greatest variety of strawberries and other spring and summer vegetables. Pumpkins and mums will be available in the autumn. Then, the Christmas wreaths and garlands adorn the rooms. ​

You’ll like their “down-home” environment, which can only be found on a North Carolina family farm. This DJ captures the old-fashioned charm of a roadside business in the South. It’s the ideal pit-stop for strawberry picking on a weekend trip to Peak City from Raleigh or Cary. ​

Farm Fresh Produce

It doesn’t get much better than fresh, locally farmed food directly from the farm. Their farm market produces best distinguished from fruit seen on grocery store shelves by being naturally ripened. ​​

In addition to their lovely berries, the Apex, NC farm market offers tomatoes, sweet corn, melons, cantaloupe, and more in the spring and summer. ​​

We hand-pick

Each morning, they pick their fruit and vegetables at the height of freshness. ​​

Hand-picking their vegetables ensures the old-fashioned deliciousness available only on their farm. Pick-your-own strawberries (in season) are also available at the Apex Farm Market since they grow their berries. ​​​

Pumpkins & Mums

Are you looking for pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns, Halloween decorations, or home-baked pumpkin pies? Stop by the market in the fall for pre-picked small, medium, and giant pumpkins. They cultivate both beautiful and culinary pumpkins, as well as gourds. ​​​

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Mums come in various hues and kinds at their Apex farm market. ​​​

Farming is a risky business. Weather and other factors beyond their control may alter operating hours and availability. ​​​For more information, you may visit their website, or you may contact them via phone. (919) 600-4020.