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A Guide To Painting Shiplap

A Guide To Painting Shiplap

You’re probably already aware that shiplap is a trend in residential interior design that’s taken off in a big manner unless you’ve been living under a rock. This wall style is being included in newly renovated and updated homes by virtually everyone.

Why? Because it has an attractive appearance, is inexpensive, and can be completed as a do-it-yourself job by any homeowner with a moderate level of craftiness.

You’ve probably seen the shiplap style featured on Home & Garden television programs, and you might be ready to incorporate it into your own property.

The following are some painting ideas for shiplap that you can use so that you may get in on the trend and include the hashtag #shiplap in your Instagram post along with a fun before-and-after picture.

What Kind of Paint Is Appropriate for Shiplap?

Before you start the painting project, you need to have a good concept of what kind of paint works best for walls done in a shiplap manner. When working with shiplap made of wood, it is recommended to use paint and primer in one product that is water-based. This helps you save time and money because you will only be using one product instead of paint and a separate primer two; in addition, an all-in-one paint product offers superior coverage, which means that you will need fewer coats of paint than you would with a traditional paint product.

You will also need to choose the appropriate paint sheen to complement the aesthetic you are going for, but don’t forget to keep functionality in mind at the same time. Although a flat (or matte) gloss looks fantastic on shiplap, maintaining its pristine appearance can be challenging. Do you have any further inquiries regarding the shine that you should use? This paint sheen blog is here to assist you!

If the shiplap is going to be installed in a high-traffic area, like the kitchen or the dining room, a semi-gloss sheen will make it much simpler to clean. There is also the option of selecting a sheen that falls somewhere in the middle, such as satin or eggshell. This will result in a look that is more matte while still being quite simple to maintain.

Some Advice for Painting Shiplap

The following are some pointers to help you navigate:

  1. You should paint the shiplap before installing the new shiplap if you are doing so. Painting the margins of the shiplap before it is attached to the wall will be a much simpler task.
  2. If the shiplap is not constructed of real wood but rather engineered wood (MDF or medium-density fiberboard), you should seal it with an oil-based primer before applying water-based paint in a urethane enamel finish. This will ensure that the finish is hard. Make every effort to stay away from using wall paint made of latex. This will prevent the water-based paint from harming the MDF, which is susceptible to damage when exposed to water. In addition, the separate layer of oil-based primer will provide the shiplap boards with additional protection against water and humidity.
  3. Before you begin painting the shiplap, it is important to remember to fill in any nail holes and gaps with spackle or caulk. If you painted the shiplap before installing it, you should fill up any holes or gaps in the shiplap after it has been installed, and then touch up the paint in those places.
  4. If the shiplap had previously been installed, you should paint it like a wall (using a roller and cutting in with a brush), taking the time to paint the gaps and shiplap grooves with a small brush. If the shiplap had not already been put, you should paint it like a ceiling.

The Seven-Step Process for Painting Shiplap

The following items are required for the painting project on the shiplap that you are working on:

  • A drop cloth or a plastic sheet
  • Paint of one’s choosing
  • Sandpaper and palm sander
  • Brush, roller, and palette for the paint
  • Spackle
  • Paintable caulk
  1. To prevent paint splatters and drips from damaging the floor and the surrounding area, cover it up.
  2. Sand the shiplap boards with sandpaper or a palm sander, and then clean away any sawdust that may be left over.
  3. If you are going to use a separate primer product, make sure you put it on before the paint and give it ample time to cure completely. If you are using a paint that incorporates the primer into the paint itself, you can skip this step.
  4. If at all feasible, the initial coat of paint should be applied with a paintbrush or roller before the boards are mounted on the wall. If you are wondering how to paint shiplap grooves, you will discover that using a little paintbrush makes it simpler to get in all of those nooks and crannies that are typically difficult to reach. This is something you should keep in mind if you are going to paint shiplap grooves.
  5. After installing the shiplap, or if it is already put, clean the nail holes and fill them with caulk or spackle that can be painted.
  6. After the caulk or spackle has had sufficient time to dry, the surface should be sanded lightly.
  7. Apply the final layer of paint with a roller or paint brush, making sure to use the small paintbrush to cover any nail holes or grooves that you find.

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