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4 Small Painting Projects That Will Freshen Up Your House

4 Small Painting Projects That Will Freshen Up Your House

It’s easy to get used to what you see in your home after a while. And that means that after a while, it’s easy to overlook flaws and mistakes that don’t look good. You might not notice that your floors are getting worse because you are so used to how they look. Or you have old appliances that you don’t even think about. It could be that you don’t notice the flaws in your home until a very important person comes to visit or you change something else about it.

But don’t worry—everyone goes through this! And luckily, you don’t have to worry about every little thing that needs to be fixed. There are some easy fixes that can make a big difference in how your house looks. Take a moment to look around your house and see if there are any paint mistakes that would be easy to fix. Spending time painting these four places will brighten and clean up your home and help you see things in a new way.

1. Doors

Every day, you walk through your front door, but do you ever stop to look at how it looks? Has the color of the paint changed over time? Is the paint chipping? Is it an old color? Repainting your front door is a quick way to make your home look newer and better from the street.

Now, look at the doors inside your house. Are they dirty? Does the paint look old?

2. Trim

How does the trim inside your car look? If it’s been a while since it was painted, it’s probably looking dirty, and a Magic Eraser won’t be able to clean it up. Painting the trim inside your home can give it a beautiful, new look.

3. Hallway

If you have little kids, get down on their level and look at the walls of the hallway. Did it make you cringe? Kids seem to think that the walls are meant to be touched a lot. Like molding, you can only do so much to clean the dirty fingerprints. After a while, you just have to paint again. Because paint fades over time, it can be hard to find a color that matches your wall. Most of the time, touching up won’t do the job well. Usually, the best thing to do is to paint the whole hallway.

4. Toilet

You might need to paint your bathroom before the rest of your house. Why? In this small space, the regular moisture, heavy use, dust, and harsher chemicals in cleaning products are all working together to damage the paint. The bathroom is usually smaller than the rest of the house, which means that you can probably paint it in the afternoon.

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